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Monday, November 26, 2007

Surge Success Overhyped? Dylan's "Mr. Jones" Dead?

Plenty of interesting stories today at E&P, including evidence from the New York Times that "intelligence" from Iraq is being twisted again. Meanwhile, a Seattle daily wants Bush and Cheney to vow not to make a penny off Iraq after they leave office. And the reporter who probably inspired Dylan's classic anti-press rant, "Ballad of a Thin Man," has passed away. Comment on any of this here. They're all at:http://www.editorandpublisher.com


Bud said...

Um, did you forget to put in the link?

JohnLopresti said...

re Thin, this was from the gray flannel dwarf contorted metonymy epoch of Dylan speech. One of the remarkable gifts of the lyrics his narrative enjoys is the ability to tell numerous stories simultaneously. I always saw Allen Ginsberg et al.'s digs as a gentle object of satire in Thin, much as Dont LookBack in true upfront Dylan style began with a silent pantomime of that poet's vignette in D's past. It remains a pantheon of saints in the Dylan reality, blending respect with stridency, personal expression with an echo of the chorus of the commons. In a way, looking at Dylan's current persona, it remains somewhat refreshing that he Dont Give Interviews, though there is a neat Hentoff interview on the web from wayback that remains interesting. Freewheelin up to upper NY state, where you can hear a car for a country mile or.

Anonymous said...

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