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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The best Hollywood movie about an evil reporter

So you think you have reason to hate the MSM today? Well, take a look at Billy Wilder's utterly prescient 1951 cult classic "Ace in the Hole" starring Kirk Douglas. I previewed this in a podcast last week, and you can watch the trailer for the film a little ways down on this page. Here's the link to my new column:
Or watch:


pam said...

Greg, I LOVE this movie--ran across it several years ago, didn't pay a whole lot of attention but then saw it again twice in the last year. It's absolutely marvelous--glad you brought it up.

Kris Wernowsky said...

Greg, an old journalism professor made us watch a worn out bootleg VHS version of this movie. Great choice. This is such a great movie. Thank goodness Criterion got its hands on this movie.

Anonymous said...

They made a pretty good musical out of the Sand Cave story: "Floyd Collins," by Adam Guettel (who has won a Tony for a different musical.

It includes a raucous media frenzy.

Anonymous said...

HEL-lo -- you won't give away the ending? That's on a par with "Rosebud was his sled . . . but I don't want to ruin it for you."
I agree "Ace" is a great, underappreciated movie (that you could have seen it on Turner Classic many times before the DVD was released), but you could have kept a lid on the spoiler. At the very least, you could have refrained from bragging about not spoiling it! Sheesh -- one more scrap of proof that bloggers don't have editors, even if they deserve one.

McLir said...

The E&P version of this was linked at MetaFilter. The post and comment thread are here:

(You may wish to post the link yourself so the long address does not mess up the blog's formatting.)