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Friday, December 21, 2007

'Ghost' in the Machine

Apropos of nothing: Gary Oldman starred as Beethoven in the film "Immortal Beloved" a few years back, and I would happily trade most of those two hours for the two minutes in the video someone put together, below. It features Gary and one of the greatest pieces of music ever (this coming from an old rock and roll editor), the second movement of Beethoven's "Ghost" piano trio. Give it a listen, it just might make your day.

One of my favorite lines in Richard Dawkins' book this year was his answer to the time-honored claim that Beethoven's music proves that God exists. Dawkins wrote, no, it only proves that Beethoven existed -- and let's be thankful for that. For more Beethoven, see the Glenn Gould video bar at the very bottom of this blog.

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