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Friday, December 7, 2007

The Greatest Hollywood 'Newspaper' Movie Ever

No, it's not "Citizen Kane" or "All the President's Men." Give a listen to my surprising choice, here http://nielsenpodcasts.com/eandp/


Anonymous said...

Pretty good podcast, though I don't agree with your choice. Mine is Full Metal Jacket.

--Roxanne @ AAN.org

Anonymous said...

The best newspaper movie ever was Deadline USA. I still get chills when I hear that Bogart line "That's the press' baby and nothing is going to stop them..."

reilly said...

I loved this movie from the first time I saw it many, many years ago as a kid in Chicago.
It played sometimes on WGN, although it was called 'The Big Carnival'.
Even before WGN became the superstation and was simply a Chicago area station, they played a terrific selection of movies late into the night.
Back then the movies were listed in the back of the TV program with a short synopsis. I still remember part of the synopsis for 'The Big Carnival'. They called it "arguably one of the most cynical movies ever filmed".
Hell, who could resist that?
Thanks for bringing it to light again. I hadn't known it was out on DVD and I'll give myself a copy for that other big cynical carnival - Christmas.

The Garlic said...

Say Hey Greg

Clutch play, bring up 'Ace In The Hole" ... Not sure that film would work as well without Kirk Douglas ...
Definitely a good one ... I'm line more with Anon #2, with 'Deadline USA' (as well as 'His Girl Friday')