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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Huckabee Wants the Stones to Play at His Inaugural

After the AP leaked a quote from the story last night, on Mormonism, The New York Times today put up its entire mammoth profile of Mike Huckabee coming in this Sunday's magazine. Given my own background, my favorite passage is this:

"Huckabee ordered soup and a sandwich without drama or comment and began talking about rock ’n’ roll. This is his regular warm-up gambit with reporters of a certain age, meant to convey that he is a cool guy for a Baptist preacher. Naturally I fell for it, and asked who he would like to play at his inaugural. ‘'I’ve got to start with the Stones,' Huckabee said.

"The governor regards 1968 as the dawning of ‘'the age of the birth-control pill, free love, gay sex, the drug culture and reckless disregard for standards.' The Rolling Stones album ‘Their Satanic Majesties Request' provided the soundtrack for that annus terribilis. But Mike Huckabee wanted me to know that he believes in the separation of church and stage.

"The governor’s musical wish list also included John Mellencamp, who, he noted, would be welcome despite their differing political views; the country duo Brooks & Dunn; Stevie Wonder; and, surprisingly, Grand Funk Railroad. 'That’s a groundbreaking group,’ he said earnestly. 'The bass player, Mel Schacher, is very underrated.'’’ For more, see E&P link and new rockin' Huckabee parody commercial below. Feel free to suggest a Stones' song for the Huckabee inaugural ("No Expectations"?):

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The Sanity Inspector said...

He's right about Mel Schacher. Just listen to the outro of "I'm Your Captain" sometime.