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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Huckabee's view of wife's role in marriage: You gotta serve somebody -- me

As Bob Dylan, in his Christian phase, sang, "You gotta serve somebody." And like any man, I have occasionally wished my wife would, like Jeanie, call me "master." But, gosh, I recognize that's just a passing fantasy--and I would never sign a full-page ad in USA Today endorsing the idea. Well, turns out that's just what Mike Huckabee did in 1998.

Then-Gov. Huckabee was one of 131 signatories on a full-page USA Today ad backing a controversial position on the role of women in marriage adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention: “A wife is to submit herself graciously to the servant leadership of her husband even as the church willingly submits to the headship of Christ.” The ad Huckabee signed congratulated the convention: “You are right because you called wives to graciously submit to their husband’s sacrificial leadership.”

Where is this notion rooted? In a recent blog item defending Huckabee's view, Lee Webb, news anchor at Pat Robertson's CBN, wrote that the apostle Paul's "directive that wives should submit to their husbands and husbands should love their wives is found in Ephesians 5:22-33. Many in the church would have us to believe this passage is simply a cultural ordinance, in other words, no longer applicable in our modern, more evolved society. Read Ephesians 5:31 and you'll discover that Paul is rooting his directive back to Creation. That means it does apply to us today."

Here's Bono's view of the whole "master" thing:


Anonymous said...

I beleive I read this exact same story last month in E&P. Can we count on you rerunning this hit peice and other liberal biased stories in hopes that your desired outcome a Socialist candidate is elected?

Hank Humphrey said...

I get it and try my best to do as the verse says. If I honor my wife and lead as a noble man seeking after God the relationship becomes what God desires.
I don't demean my wife, I don't view her less of me no she is more than that. She is my partner in life.
God is calling men to a deeper relationship to be a authentic man of God. Scripture directs that path very well.
If more men will step up and lead in a noble way it would have ripples across our culture. If men would stop leaving families and their children. If they would do their jobs as unto the Lord (Col 3:23) you would see a difference, if the ones who make television shows would make at least one show where the man is seen as a noble good man and not made fun of or designed to make a man seem to be an idiot it would help. Tremendously.
But, to say that I believe the Ephesians verse is works is because I live it and see it every day in the wonderful beauty and woman I call my wife. Whom has no trouble following leadership that truly loves her.

Umma said...

I will read all of Ron Paul's books before reading buying one of yours. What is this "Other-God Help Us" bull shit. You are probably a warmonger like the other Republican and most of the Democrats. God Help You to open your mind to the truth.

JuneBelle said...

hank humphrey:
We should trust you men to make all the right decisions; but, apparently, you don't give us women that same amount of trust. Why? Don't you think we love you?

For crying out loud, this trust stuff only goes one way, huh?
No wonder oppression of women is so rampant around the world. You start out with the notion that we are "equal" but one is subservient to the other. Then, after you get everyone to follow that rule, you realize that it's a waste of money to educate women who won't use that knowledge anyway. Then you realize that women are too stupid to make accurate decisions; so you strip them of all but some basic don't-murder rights and make their testimony less worthy than a man's because, after all, she's really stupid and prone to wild images floating around in that pretty little head of hers.

I don't care about what Huckabee signed or didn't sign. I'm voting for Mitt Romney because he has policies closest to mine and because there isn't likely to be a mandate that could stand a chance in hell that would legalize polygamy or any such submission laws any time soon.

Thank heavens my best friend is a guy who is a Christian who doesn't believe this crap. He knows what a boatload it all is. He and other guys like him are the ones with my respect, not spineless wimps who need the church to coerce their women into obeying them by telling them they are going to be damned by God if they don't.

If you want a wife who does things for you, do things for her (Do to others what you would have them do to you.), don't have the church or God do it for you. I thought you were supposed to be a man.

Anonymous said...

I agree that too many women are being oppressed these days. I am an outspoken woman, and me and my partner have no problem sharing in responsibilities. We both work, pay bills, and buy food. There is no shame in that, but if someone is going to try to tell me that I have to live in a slave like role, I'm going to tell them to get the fuck out. I am an atheist, but I know enough about the bible to tell you I don't believe a word of it. There are too many contradictions in it.