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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Incredible AP report, with video, on suicide by U.S. soldier in Iraq

One of our boys killed himself in Iraq two years ago -- but his suicide note just showed up in his parents' mailbox. And new FOIA documents obtained by his family, and released to the AP, reveal how he had been both mistreated, and ignored, by the military. Early in his service in Iraq he had decided that he really didn't want to kill people. Video: http://video.ap.org/v/default.aspx?g=f897b4a3-c0a8-45dc-bf91-ba0757ed0065&f=vtben&fg=email%3E

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Jon said...

This is unbelievably such a tragic story about this young man. All the signs were there but for whatever reason ignored resulting in a unnecessary death. They believed he was exaggerating the symptoms,told him he was endangering his fellow troops which if was the case seems he should have been transferred out on that alone. Regardless, I hope an investigation is done which could prevent this sort of thing in the future and it appears sucides are more prevelant than we know and apparently the military leaders in charge right down to the squad leader have not had the proper training to deal with these situations or they are told to handle it as they did resulting in an unnecessary death and then trying to cover it up.

What a shameful state our military is in.