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Monday, December 17, 2007

UPDATE: Kerrey a torch?

The big 2008 campaign kerfuffle today concerns remarks About Sen. Obama by former Sen. Bob Kerrey in endorsing Hillary yesterday. He told reporters, "It's probably not something that appeals to him, but I like the fact that his name is Barack Hussein Obama, and that his father was a Muslim and that his paternal grandmother is a Muslim. There's a billion people on the planet that are Muslims, and I think that experience is a big deal." After some charged that Kerrey was only the latest Clinton backer to stab Obama -- this time with the word "Muslim" instead of "cocaine"-- he asserted that his words were only meant in praise for Obama's potential to communicate abroad. Critics came back with: Why, then, the use of his middle name "Hussein," a favorite game of the far-right? Today, Kerrey defended himself on CNN, but only complicated matters when he brought up Obama supposedly attending a "madrassa" school (which has long been discredited), again painting this in a positive light. So: What do you think? No fair or no foul? Comment below.

Also, here's the new Huckabee "Merry Christmas" ad -- with not-so-subtle cross in background and explicit mention of Christ.


Cal said...

"It's probably not something that appeals to him"?????? What exactly does that mean; is Kerrey implying that Obama is somehow ashamed of his father's heritage?

HumbleTruthSeeker said...
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HumbleTruthSeeker said...
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HumbleTruthSeeker said...

I worked for Bob Kerrey and he has been my favorite politician since 1988. I have prayed that he would be elected President ever since then. I am shocked to find that today, with his underhanded smear of Obama, that I will never trust anything he says again. I imagine the Clintons purchased his subtle smear for a high price. I feel like a naive child who just found out his hero is the opposite of a hero. Maybe I should seek counseling at a cult awareness group.

pf in montana said...

Shame on you Bob Kerrey. You not only smeared Osama yesterday, but followed it today by stating that he was educated in a Madrasa school which has been proven false. I am shocked that you have become a racist fear monger. Dirty, dirty politics. I was prevoiusly torn between Obama and Hillary,but all I needed to push me to Obama was to remind me of what to expect from your side.Pat from Montana

Fair and Balanced said...

It is obvious to anyone with a brain that Bob Kerrey finds Obama's history a positive. Are all Obama nuts as ignorant, hypocritical and scary or only those who troll these blogs?
By the way-anyone questioning the "planted" question at the Obama event today?- you'll never hear any complaints from the media about anything Obama does. He's got MSM's seal of approval- at least until he's nominated. Remember what they did to Al Gore? You guys are killing us.

j.k. said...

Oh Kerry is a slick one. I think what he did was grimey and he should be ashamed of himself. When someone emphasizes his middle name, there is no other conclusion but that they are trying to stab him in a weak spot. But I think Obama looks down on such nonsense and doesn't pay it any mind. There are 100s of thousands of people who believe in him. If he was really a messenger of Islam vieing for the presidency... I think he would have covered up such things better! He has nothing to hide! What doesn't kill him will make him stronger! Obama 08

Poicephalus said...

Whistle blows.
I yell foul.
Play stops while I listen to the arguments.
I point to the other basket.
But ya' gotta hand it to Team Hillary. They do stretch the boundaries.
I have seen 7 years of that already, and I'm tahr'd (tired).

Anonymous said...

what a shame on Kerry trying to be a smart politician. who does he think he was fooling by thinking if I start by saying nice things about Obama and stab him on the back with the same speech no one will notice?. Why bring up the word muslim when you know quite well that Hillary camp has being trying to paint him as a muslim. You are supporting Hillary but please check your words. You are one of those people who want the country to be divided. Shame on you for your comment. I hope because of this Hillary will never win because you should not say things like that. And Hillary defending you no suprise there

Mary Ellen said...

I knew that the competition was going to be tough during this primary campaign,but I didn't think the smear tactics would get this ugly. I don't trust many in Washington anymore.

Huckabee is just another lying hypocrite who calls himself a Christian but doesn't act like one. None of the right wing zealots could be trusted, it's all about power for them and has nothing to do with God.

Nice blog, btw.

arthurdecco said...

You expected something different from the man who folded like a house of cards in a sandstorm in 2004 after it became blatantly obvious that the Republicans had stolen Ohio and therefore the country away from its citizen's wishes one more time?

John Kerry is a member of the only team in Washington. He belongs to the same clubs, went to the same schools, thinks the same thoughts and spews the same lies as the rest of the team.

He should be imprisoned for treason, not asked for his opinions, which were never worth knowing in the first place.

ricknej said...

The thing that's so nasty and insidious about this "smear-them-with-a-compliment" tactic is that it's so easy for folks to assert that we're all just being paranoid. It's obvious that this "compliment" uses terminology that unfortunately elicits fear in many Americans. Bob Kerrey knows this. Shame on him!
Senator Obama is known to be quite proud of his middle name. His father was an atheist in his adult life. Senator Obama attended a secular school in Indonesia---not a madrassa. For the facts check out the nonpartisan Pew Forum info on the candidates: www.pewforum.org/religion08/profile.php?

Steve said...

Bob Kerry, who by confessing to the cold-blooded murders of civilians in Vietnam I can unequivically call a war criminal, you've got quite the brass pair. Anyone associated with The New School in New York should be ashamed they ever hired your sorry ass, and I would hope your pathetic attempt to smear Obama will make clear to everyone what you're truly made of.

Algernon said...

A very clever smear by Bob Kerrey. I simply do not buy the guileless "who me" from a man of Kerrey's background and experience.

arthurdecco said...

I'm an idiot! I can't tell a Bob from a John. LMAO

The wine must have been very good the other night.

Anonymous said...

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