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Friday, December 14, 2007

Pump It Up

As a former Little League manager (and author of a memoir titled "Joy in Mudville"), I suppose I should have something profound to say about the Mitchell (no relation) Report on druggies in baseball, but for now I will only celebrate Roger Clemens' demise and offer a little black humor from today's papers in New York.

The Post, of course, "injects" the funniest line, opening one article, "George Mitchell caught Roger Clemens with his pants down -- literally." Its front page shows five needles, carrying the names of abusers, shooting up a baseball, under the headline DISGRACE. The back cover pictures Andy Pettitte and Clemens under the title, SHOT TO HELL. The sedate New York Times, meanwhile, rises to the occasion on the front page of its sports section with tiny photos of dozens of IDed druggies -- in the shape of a huge needle.


Anonymous said...

I'm a lifelong baseball fan, and I've tried very hard -- and have been so far unsuccessful -- in giving a flying fig about this.

Oh, sure, tut-tut and all that. But the United States of America is engaging in water torture of prisoners, and obstruction of justice in destroying the taped evidence.

They always find some irrelevant piece of fluff to distract from their crimes, don't they?

GT said...

I do agree with the whole thing being an irrelevant piece of fluff but to believe that "they" set this up to distract us is quite pathetic.