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Friday, December 21, 2007

Two Iowa College Papers Back Obama

The Daily Iowan Friday endorsed Barack Obama and John McCain for the January 3 caucuses, becoming the second student-run newspaper in the state to endorse them. “Obama’s commanding oratorical abilities should not distract voters from his policy proposals, objectives that outline a return of ‘united’ to the United States,” the Daily Iowan editorial board wrote in their endorsement. “We believe his judgment and ideas are the best fit, not just for a party but for a people.”

Each had also received the backing of the Iowa State Daily recently. Obama has actively courted the student vote — encouraging students to caucus despite the fact that many universities will still be in the middle of winter break.

The University of Iowa newspaper also had warm words for Edwards, Biden and Dodd -- but said nothing about Hillary Clinton. It cited Obama’s stance against the Iraq war, his plan for broadening health insurance and his message about curbing global warming. It said of McCain that he "has remained loyal to his message; after ignoring the horse race and celebrity status some candidates have earned, it’s clear that McCain’s vision for America stands above those offered by his Republican counterparts."

New "Obama Girl" video:

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