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Monday, January 21, 2008

Campaign update: Rudy losing in New York, video of Obama messing with Bill

After a bit of a breather on Sunday, politics is coming hot and heavy again, even if is (or maybe because it is) MLK Day. There's a Democratic debate tonight in S. Carolina. Meanwhile, a new poll in New York finds Rudy, even in his home state, losing (as he has everywhere else), though there's at least a chance that here he will at least beat Ron Paul. McCain tops him 36% to 24%, while Hillary slams Obama by a 2-1 margin (he will just have to win California or call it a day).

Obama and Clinton camps still trading charges of vote manipulation in Nevada. Here's the video of Obama hitting back at (Bill) Clinton on TV this morning -- with the Clinton camp claiming, again, that Obama is merely issuing right wing talking points.

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swstick said...

New York is not a winner-take-all primary. I found this diarist at DailyKos that has a good wrap-up of Super Tuesday states: