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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Charlie Gibson's war

Charles Gibson contributed perhaps the worst performance as a moderator in the history of recent presidential debates, at least for the Democratic half of tonight's debacle. Did he ask even ONE question that might have, even theoretically, produced answers that illustrated any real differences between the candidates? ("Nuclear weapon going off on American soil -- for or against?"). But it was almost worth it to hear the debate audience actually laugh and hoot at Gibson when he declared that average profs at the modest school were surely making more than $100,000 year. (Hillary actually made a good crack: "This isn't NYU.") If ever there was a symbol of the death of the network news, and the insularity of the NYC/Washington media elite, there it was.


Anonymous said...

Truly hilarious. My wife and I are a very well paid two professor family. But we don't hit $200,000. These guys want top down news, they scorn the bloggers and citizen journalism, they want to be the gate keepers.

Yet the $200,000 nonsense from Gibson is just what you get from grads of the Mt Olympus J-School!

Ian said...

is keeps happening then and how we can change it. time after time these foolish network morons get to ask the questions. the world and country are crumbling, and our reporters are worthless and never ask remotely difficult questions...so why do we even watch, why not boycott it until every debate is an unfiltered YouTube debate where they actually have to answer the questions of the people

i'll never forget in 04 when iraq was a disaster and the country was a wreck and the world hated us, one of those idiots asked he candidates what the thought of the other candidates' wife. i almost threw up. we finally get these people in front of the public and that's what we ask? this happens over and over again, and if the people continue to do nothing, then we all get what we deserve

George Myers said...

If I recall, Mr. Gibson's wife is the dean of a prestigious prep school in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, nearby the famous testing labs that determine our SAT GRE, etc., potential and Princeton University. Digging many holes nearby for state archaeology clearance I was happy to meet Anna Roosevelt, there in Forbes College at Princeton U., with a meal plan! They often eat in "clubs" formed by students. My favorite "club" is the two identical "temples" built during the Civil War for the same fraternity! Steve Forbes' father I think endowed it the college.

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Digging many holes nearby for state archaeology clearance I was happy to meet Anna Roosevelt, there in Forbes College at Princeton U.