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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The delegate count: Obama leads (trails)

It gets little attention, but in case you are wondering (since it is, in fact, the most important thing): Obama officially leads Clinton in delegates for the nomination 38 to 36, according to NBC News tonight. But Tim Russert helpfully points out that this doesn't include the "super-delegates" -- elected Democrats who strongly back Hillary. She claims about 90 while Obama only names 40 of them, so put it together and she leads by about four dozen right now.

But this will seem trivial after California and New York vote in two weeks. And Hillary will win New York (trust me) and leads Obama by 12% in latest Field poll in California -- and seems to be gaining in picking up Hispanic votes (through racial politics or not). Hence: she left little South Carolina today and flew to California. Obama will get his must-win in South Carolina this weekend but he should be heading out to L.A. as well. Meanwhile, Bill Clinton said in South Carolina today, "I know you think it's crazy, but I kind of like to see Barack and Hillary fight....They're flesh and blood people and they have their differences -- let them have it."


Luv said...

I believe Obama can win California. People underestimate just how turned off the Afro-American, youth and TRULY progressive left is on Billary.

The Clinton campaign's disgusting antics are leaving a bitter taste in millions of mouths and Obama will OWN the South and Midwest to boot.

This coronation of Clinton is way too early. I also they don't like the way South Carolina is being invalidated in the media as "them neegras votin' fer one 'o their own."

Anonymous said...

Obama is also just as half-white as he is half-black. The racial politics of America are disturbingly parochial and retrograde.

When will we finally move on?