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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Heath Ledger dead in New York

Damn shame about his passing. Became a fine actor, even in the regrettable I'm Not There. Probably overlooked will be what I felt was his finest work, as the troubled, hard-drinking prison guard in Monster's Ball -- his true breakthrough performance, not Brokeback. His life in Monster's Ball ended when he blew himself away with a shotgun.

In a recent interview with WJW-TV in Cleveland, Ledger was asked how having a child (with Michelle Williams) had changed his life.“You’re forced into, kind of, respecting yourself more,” he said. “You learn more about yourself through your child, I guess. I think you also look at death differently. It’s like a Catch-22: I feel good about dying now because I feel like I’m alive in her, you know, but at the same hand, you don’t want to die because you want to be around for the rest of her life.” Here's a clip from Monster's Ball with (sorry) music:


Anonymous said...

This is so awful, he was the most amazing actor xx RIP

lifeis said...

it is so sad to see a young man with such a strong future dead. I know in my heart that he did not mean to kill himself. It was accidental. I know what it feels like to feel so down that you just want to sleep and forget about everything that's going wrong in your life. that's what he was doing. he just wanted to rest for a little while, to escape. He did not want to die. At times like this you feel like you have no one to reach out to or that another person will not believe that you could hurt inside so badly. so you don't call out to anyone. you don't want to bother people. even if you are a famous movie star, the bottom line is you are a human being just like the rest of us. money, beauty or fame can't buy ...

Anonymous said...

I agree. He was human. Whether or not he meant anything. He knew there were people out there he didn't know existed, that loved him and cared for him. He was an amazing actor!

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