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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A 'Hill' of a victory

Amusing Dana Milbank column in Washington Post today on the Clinton "win" in Florida: "Cheering supporters? Check. Election returns on the projection screen? Check. Andrea Mitchell and Candy Crowley doing stand-ups? Check and check. In fact, the only piece missing from Hillary Clinton's Florida victory party here Tuesday night was a victory....But in a political stunt worthy of the late Evel Knievel, the Clinton campaign decided to put on an ersatz victory party that, it hoped, would erase memories of Obama's actual victory Saturday night in South Carolina's Democratic primary. 'Thank you, Florida Democrats!' Clinton shouted to the cheering throng. 'I am thrilled to have this vote of confidence.' It was a perfect reproduction of an actual victory speech, delivered at a perfectly ersatz celebration at a perfectly pretend location: a faux Italianate palace with lion sculptures, indoor fountains and a commanding view of Interstate 595."


Camorrista said...

Sorry, but, it's this sort of glib, snarky commentary that makes the insider DC press corps so repellent.

For the sake of a snide little anti-Clinton joke, Millbank dismissed more than a million Florida citizens--citizens who cared enough to defy their central party apparatus--as jerks. For the price of a laugh among his colleagues, he told those Floridians that not only were their votes meaningless, but so were they.

I guarantee you that had the vote been reversed, Millbank would have written no such piece. Nor would MSNBC have refused for hours to post the vote totals. Nor would Olberman have interviewed Senator Clinton as if she were a witness charged with perjury. No, had the results been reversed, the news, TV & print, would have been saturated with glowing commentary on the Obama tidal wave.

Anonymous said...

yeah...what camorrista said?


and if Caroline & Ted Kennedy had endorsed Clinton, we would be watching hours of Kennedy hate fests.

instead we hear nothing about Robert Kennedy Jr.'s endorsement of Clinton, nor of Maya Angelou's.