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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Huckabee goes after the fried-squirrel-eaters vote

This morning, Mike Huckabee explained why South Carolinans love him: He shares their tastes, such as eating fried squirrels. Why, he used to bake them in his popcorn popper back in his college dorm! "Too much information," replies Joe Scarborough. Here, courtesy of Talking Points Memo:


Earl the Churl said...

Look, I love a good fried squirrel myself, especially when prepared in a popcorn maker and served with a zesty Pico De Gallo and an understated yet full-bodied claret. But pandering is pandering doggone it and I won't be voting Huckabee.

OldMayfly said...

Oh, pleeze, Huckabee. We lived off the land in Arkansas in the '60s. I know more ways to cook squirrel than you can count. The people in our community respected the Constitution. We (and they) would never have voted for you.

In our community Baptist/Methodist was considered a great schism. We NEEDED separation of Church/State and we knew it.

OldMayfly said...

Oh, phleeze, Huckabee! I know more ways to cook squirrel than you can shake a stick at.

In the early '60s we lived in Arkansas, pretty much off the land. In those days Baptists and Methodists were considered totally on opposite ends of the political spectrum. Lucky that both revered the Constitution.

Believe me, the "fried-squirrel-eaters" would not vote for you. The pioneer types understood the value of separation of church and state and the right of independence of conscience.

Jolly Roger said...

I want to know how the hell you do that in a popcorn popper.

hound11 said...

The squirrel-eaters in Kentuckyare as diverse as any other group in America. Only a Republican candidate would think that he is the only person in the field that endears him to a certain group