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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Candidates do some 'Kung-fu fighting'

It had to happen, I suppose: With constant references to candidates "on the attack" or in "hand-to hand combat" in "epic battles" (in Iowa and New Hampshire?), we now have a new online game called "Kung-Fu Election." Here the candidates REALLY go on the attack, and it’s not just calling each other “dishonest” or “soft on terrorism.”

It’s the brand new “Kung-Fu Election” game featuring all of the top candidates (plus Bill Richardson) doing battle, often with sharp objects, and you can play online right now. I took it is for a test drive today and in the first match Hillary Clinton, armed mainly with tricky moves (is this a political statement?), could not hold off bolo-wielding Mike Huckabee, who took a decidedly unChristian attitude of NOT turning the other check. The battle takes place in a Japanese temple, with photos of Reagan, Bush and Bill Clinton on the walls. The candidates each have different weapons, with Obama nicely fitted with a long samurai sword. Rudy has fork-like appendages, looking very X-men (or perhaps after tonight, Ex-man).

It’s produced by Webby Award-winning AtomFilms, a division of MTVN Entertainment Group. “The game lets pundits and voters alike soothe their election-induced anxieties and put some punch behind their political convictions,” they promise. “The would-be presidents duke it out with an array of special weapons and Kung-Fu moves that will leave only one man – er, person – standing. (If you thought that McCain was too old for the rigors of a grueling election, wait until you see what he can do with a bo staff in his hands!)” Preceding the game is the “Kung-Fu Election” music video, an animated rap about the 2008 election. It can be played on AtomFilms’ http://www.kungfuelection.com.

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