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Thursday, January 3, 2008

It's Obamarama time

Earlier tonight, I blogged numerous news and comments over at E&P (see the post below for the link), and here are my final two entries for the night, barring a recount.

11:45: Of course, the unstated joke is that so much is being made of this vote by what has been called "a sliver of a sliver of a sliver" of the electorate. And here's Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC agreeing with Howard Fineman that "the torch has passed" from Hillary Clinton and the woman now needs to find a reason to even "go forward," as if she is Bidenesque and has nothing in her favor at all. Indeed, she is in trouble, but this same sliverish voters have previously rejected numerous future presidents, including her husband -- I mean Bill Clinton, not Andrea's husband, Alan Greenspan.

11:30: On MSNBC, Eugene Robinson of The Washington Post says the Obama speech was "goosebumps" time for him: watching a black candidate win and sound like Robert Kennedy to boot. Pat Buchanan says Huckabee is for real. It's true, Fox News better stop knocking him, they may be stuck with him now -- watch for a 180 turn over there. Howard Fineman sings Obama's praises, says there has been a "passing of the torch" from the Clintons and in fact the Clintons may be done. Says Obama now frontrunner in N.H. and a "phenomenon" who just delivered one of best speeches he's ever heard. Yeah, it was good.

Obama has actually "thumped" Clinton by 38% to 29%, with Edwards at 30%. But he only beat Clinton by 1% among pure Democrats. Still, indies get to vote in New Hampshire, too, and there are zillions of college students in the region so, watch, out Hillary. I was part of Gene McCarthy's "children's crusade" in 1968 so I know something about this (although, hate to say, that ended badly).

John McCain was asked in New Hampshire Thursday night if he thought we'd have to stay in Iraq for, oh, another 50 years. Oh, no, he replied, "maybe 100." After all, we've in South Korea for over 50, he explained, so why not? Asked later by my old friend David Corn (now with Mother Jones) to confirm the remark, McCain enthusiastically did so. Here's the brief video.


Anonymous said...

Yo Greg!!!
Mike Gravel is not out of the race! He has issued an official statement! Check his website - www.gravel08.us - You in the media are trying to force him out with false reports! SO REPORT THE TRUTH! He is still a candidate!

Dan said...

Gravel is not out. MSNBC ran misinformation. Check www.gravel2008.us for more information.