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Friday, January 11, 2008

Jimmy Carter, in an op-ed, ponders joining race for the White House!

"Sometimes I'm a little stupid, maybe, a little slow in the head," he writes, "so I'm wondering if you can help me get something straight. Maybe you can help me understand one fucking thing right now, America, and explain to me what in the Christ is going on here.... I mean, are you seriously considering voting for one of these shitbags you got here in '08?"

Unfortunately, the newspaper is The Onion.

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Anonymous said...

Best article on the page. Of corse old JC screwed up everything he did and the stuff he didnt was because the his own party stone walled hime but remember adjusted for inflation his gas prices are still the record and that was without the demand from China and everyone else. Remember who put an Admiral in charge of a dessert rescue?