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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Kristol brags about 'heart of stone'

Shrugging off the humiliation of making a major gaffe in his very first New York Times column on Monday, Bill Kristol appeared with his fellow Beltway Boys on Fox last night to dissect HIllary Clinton's near-crying moment in New Hampshire. Fred Barnes and Mort Kondracke actually expressed some sympathy for Clinton and felt her emotion was genuine -- but not our man Malkin (I mean, Kristol). From the transcript:


KRISTOL: I think you would have to have a heart of stone not to be moved by Mrs. Clinton's plight, but--

HUME: Why are you smiling, then?

KRISTOL: Sometimes, it's usual to have a heart of stone. I don't believe it was genuine. I think no Clinton cries without calculating first. And I think this if it was genuine it was entirely solipsistic and narcissistic. It is all about her. Why is she crying for the country? Is Barack Obama not going to be liberal enough for her? Is Barack Obama not going to appoint the kinds of people she wants to the Supreme Court? Is Barack Obama not a stronger candidate in the general election than her?

She's crying for herself, and I don't even believe it is genuine. I think it is entirely calculated.

NINA EASTON: You are so cynical...

Later, after reiterating these points, Kristol admits: "I'm here to take Fred off the hook and show what a true heart of stone is like."

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