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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Not really blogging the GOP debate

No time for this, but one high point so far comes when Tim Russert asks if the candidates still back the war going on endlessly despite polls showing that at least 60% of Americans think it was a bad idea in the first place and we ought to get out. Of course, they all say, screw the polls. Huckabee actually says that the fact we didn't find WMD "doesn't mean they weren't there." Romney, ignoring the 60% problem, defiantly declares that the Democratic nominee will really be in trouble when he or she has to tangle with the Republican nominee on this.

At the close of no-fireworks debate -- with barely a jab thrown by anyone -- most of the MSNBC analysts called it for Romney, simply because he was able to pretty much deliver his stump speech without having to endure attacks, which generally make him "flinch" and "look terrible" as one put it. Yet he is the one who said he couldn't wait to take on the Democrats....Meanwhile, Huckabee, given a chance post-debate to clarify his statement on WMD, said they must have been taken to Jordan, our ally (when surely he meant, Syria).

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