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Monday, January 21, 2008

Obama in debate goes after the Clintons -- and all hell breaks loose

As I predicted below, Obama quickly went after Bill Clinton along with Hillary early on in the debate tonight -- or as he said, "President and Senator Clinton." It was part of his attack objecting to them allegedly lying about his statements. Hillary then defended them, and then launched an assault on Obama supposedly backing the value of some GOP ideas. He denied this and then things really got hot. When he hit Bill again, she said HE wasn't there, and Obama said, "Sometimes I don't know who I'm running against." Then he said that when he was working to help people in the 'hood, she was a corporate lawyer for WalMart. She countered by referring to a slumlord he defended. Finally Edwards pointed out that voters out there in S.Carolina probably didn't want this "squabbling." Things cooled for awhile then, but the "hottest" moment of the campaign had transpired.

A few minutes later Wolf gave Obama a chance to respond to the slumlord charge. He admitted he had done five hours of work in this regard long ago. He then hit HIllary for raising so many untrue charges against him and people might not trust such a person as president. She then charged him with not ever taking responsibility for his record -- producing boos from the audience. She then went into a litany of times he had voted "present" in Illinois. Obama responded heatedly about twisting his record and denounced those "willing to say anything to get elected." Here is a link to the rest of the debate, and below that, courtesy of Talking Points Memo, is the big Obama/Clinton flareup:

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