Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Remember when Bill Kristol said Obama would have opposed Abraham Lincoln?

With William Kristol now entrenched at The New York Times, Barack Obama very much a strong favorite for the White House, and Rudy Giuliani, then the frontrunner now a total flop, let's return to this magical moment, less than a year ago. Kristol, on Fox, said that Obama would have opposed Lincoln in the runup to the Civil War -- while Rudy would have been Da Man.

"We're electing a war president in 2008," Kristol declared on February 11, 2007, just after Obama launched his campaign with a speech that included a call for an Iraq pullout. "If I can come back to Obama and Lincoln for just one second. Lincoln's 'House Divided' speech in 1858 was a speech saying we cannot live as a house divided on slavery and he implicitly says we'll have to fight a civil war if necessary on this. Obama's speech is a 'Can't we all get along?' speech -- sort of the opposite of Lincoln. He would have been with Stephen Douglas in 1858: Let's paper over these differences, rise above politics, and all get along. That's not Giuliani's mode." Here is the link:

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