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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Romney and AP reporter really get into it...

The CBS News site has a classic video up, showing Mitt Romney angrily clashing today with an AP reporter questioning him at a campaign stop in South Carolina inside a, yes, Staples store. Romney can't believe that the reporter actually thinks that he is misleading people when he says that lobbyists are not helping to run his campaign -- when a top lobbyist is often seen by his side and often offers advice. "He's unpaid," Romney explains, and then things really get heated. Here's the link:

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Stephen said...

I have not yet clicked on the address, but I recall that Romney was said to have paid something like $37K to Warren Tompkins who is more than a consultant -- he is the reputed origin of the mayhem of 2000 versus McCain. Which is one of several reasons that Bush squeaked by a few trillion dollars ago. BTW I loved your Gram Parsons section.