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Friday, January 25, 2008

Sympathy from the devil: McCain accepts 'NYT' endorsement

Sen. John McCain, like most of his fellow GOP candidates for president, has often ripped The New York Times in the past. So how is he reacting to receiving the paper's editorial endorsement on the Republican side in the state's upcoming primary? Some of his rivals are now mocking him for it.

Speaking to reporters today, McCain said that any endorsement doesn't mean "that I necessarily share their views." He added: “In the case of the Romney campaign, which I understand is the one that is making most of it, in all due respect -- I got the endorsement of both of his hometown newspapers. The Boston Globe, which is known to be liberal, and the Boston Herald, which is very conservative. We got the endorsement of all the people who know him best, in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts. I appreciate anyone’s endorsement."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ole straight talking grandpa what a whore,Endorsements from Swarzkopt,Rambo,Pat Robinson,traitor Libermen and now The Times.There's a old Navy joke that the punch-line is "any old port in a storm" Hope John gets it.