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Monday, January 28, 2008

Tony Rezko back in the news

Tony Rezko, the alleged "slumlord" (in Hillary Clinton's phrase) and longtime Obama backer -- who also posed for a now-famous photo with Bill and Hill -- was arrested early Monday near Chicago on an alleged bond violation, the Chicago Tribune has reported. "Investigators had in recent weeks become concerned about the movement of some of his finances," a source said. Rezko is scheduled to stand trial on corruption charges in less than a month.

Meanwhile, the California primary looms large as a key decider, and Obama has just picked up the endorsement of the San Francisco Chronicle. And, amusingly, he also gained the backing of novelist Toni Morrison -- the woman who dubbed Bill Clinton "the first black president," which led to a question on this matter for Obama at the last debate. On the GOP side, Florida vote looking like a beauty tomorrow -- McCain and Romney tied in most polls. Rudy may edge Ron Paul this time. And as I wrote one week ago: Goodbye Rudy -- Tuesday.

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