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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Get 'Mad,' get really 'Mad'

One of my guilty pleasures is the award-winning AMC series Mad Men. My and wife and I belong to the Jacob Burns, a film center in Westchester, and yesterday it hosted a screening of the show's terrific pilot from last year -- and creator Matthew Weiner (who also did The Sopranos) in a Q and A with Janet Maslin. I tried but did not get a chance to ask my question: Why did the show tease that it would do a lot on the ad firm's involvement in the Nixon-Kennedy race in 1960, but then fail to deliver?

But some news was made. Weiner said that the writers' strike seemed to be settled, but even if it wasn't, he had obtained a waiver so he had been back at work for two weeks anyway. Show should go back on the air in "late summer," he projected. And it will jump ahead 14 months, from late 1960 to early 1962, he revealed. Here's a scene which shows how that slide projector thing went from being called a "wheel" to a "carousel." The slides Dan Draper shows feature his own possibly-shattered family.

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