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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Not the 'N' word or the 'F' bomb -- it begins with 'P'

Readers of Mark Halperin's fairly new TIME/CNN political campaign blog might have wondered what he was referring to when he posted the following this morning: "I’m sorry. In a live radio interview this week, I used a word I shouldn’t have. The fact that I was conveying other people’s words is no excuse for my lapse in judgment. It won’t happen again. — Mark Halperin."

Those in the know, however, already knew (via Romenesko) that on Barbara Walters' Monday night Sirius Radio show, Halperin had said the following, referring to John Edwards trying to decide between Obama and Clinton: "I can tell you, he's really skeptical of her ability to be the kind of president he wants. But, he kinda thinks Obama is...he thinks Obama is kind of a pussy...He has real questions about Obama's toughness, his readiness for the office."


StillShouting said...

That is totally appalling. He managed to denigrate Obama and half the population at the same time. What a jerk.

Anonymous said...

Big deal. Only a pussy would be offended!