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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Obama's run for president -- in 1972

Back in his college days...at least in this fantasy video. I go back that far, and beyond, and believe me -- this ALMOST rings true... check out the Afros. (h/t) Andrew Sullivan


radlib1 said...

Greg Mitchell, you are a godsend to America. I mean that. Most media critics are either talking dogs like Howard Kurtz or Wolf Blitzer and their odious ilk. But you are a breath of fresh air, because you seem to be more concerned about truth and honesty than any of these other commentators. Keep it up. America (and the media) need more people like you. Bless you and your good work for our country and its Constitution.

linda said...

What the heck!!!!!
What is this all about?
This is nothing more than character assassination based on prejudice and hate.
You should be ashamed of yourself.

I'll be very surprised if the blog author posts this comment. Probably only looking for certain answers?

I am a white 59 year old female.