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Monday, February 25, 2008

Pre-Oscar bashing

You may not know, if you caught the "Once" duo winning their Oscar for best song, that the guy, Glen Hansard is also lead singer of the fine and popular Irish rock band The Frames. Here's a video from a few years back, inspired by the Herzog movie "Fitzcarraldo." Fun fact: Glen was the redhaired ponytailed band member in The Commitments.

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Isorski said...

All true! Me, I am really excited that they won the Oscar - well deserved.

I posted a review of Hansard and Irglova's recent concert in Portland, a Once movie review and also a bit about the Oscars on my blog. You'll just have to scroll down on the right side and click on the "Glen Hansard" label to find all of it. http://isorski.blogspot.com/