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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Preview: Klein and Kinsley from tomorrow's TIME

Coming in tomorrow's Time magazine, columnist Joe Klein declares that Obama’s wins in Nebraska and Minnesota “can be attributed to the fact that he is running a smarter, more rigorous campaign than Clinton is …. We have three plausible candidates remaining — Obama, Clinton and John McCain — and Obama has proven himself the best executive by far. Both the Clinton and McCain campaigns have gone broke at crucial moments. So much for fiscal responsibility.”

Michael Kinsley looks at the GOP side: “In a properly functioning two-party democracy, each party is supposed to nominate a person whom members of the other party will detest … I cannot believe that a man as fine and decent as McCain would want to become President by the underhanded tactic of accepting the nomination of a party that loves him only for his appeal to the opposition. If McCain were half the principled gentleman he pretends to be, he would drop out now in favor of Rush Limbaugh.”

Meanwhile, Tim Russert reveals who he would really like to book on "Meet the Press" (or call it "Meet the Boss"): “I’ve interviewed every major political figure. I’d like to have a conversation with Bruce Springsteen. I earned my way through law school by booking a Springsteen concert in 1974.”


George Myers said...

I wonder was that in Buffalo, NY where Mr. Russert is from. Then there was the Harvey and Corkie productions (did they become the Weinsteins?) that used to hold the concerts that I recall. An anthropology grad student I met was "booking" Jim Croce there then, but unfortunately two weeks before he was to appear in a movie theater house there, he perished in an airplane crash. The NY State law school opened around then in Amherst, NY where the subway was supposed to go.

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