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Friday, February 29, 2008

White House aide is multiple plagiarist: Now he has quit

At various blogs you can catch up on the scandal involving a top White House aide, and former Karl Rove operative who also serves connection to the religious community (of course), who has been caught plagiarizing at three newspapers -- including The Washington Post -- with probably more to come. As some have pointed out, his name, Goeglein, is frighteningly close to googling. Late today he resigned. Here is a link to a full E&P treatment and excerpt from a New York Times profile by David Kirkpatrick on June 28, 2004. My favorite part is that Goeglein's favorite phrase -- here it comes -- is "I really do mean this." UPDATE: The Fort Wayne paper, where his columns appeared, reveals on Saturday that 20 of his 38 pieces contained plagiarism. This might be an all-time U.S. record. Enjoy:


Walter F. Wouk said...

This is "par for the course." What else would you expect from Karl Rove's "toady?"

Anonymous said...

See the look in his eyes-
I know that look.
Its name is "Stepford".