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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dang me, hang me

Looking through the old email bag today, spotted this one, calling for my death, in response to a recent E&P column, from a "Will" from Raleigh, N.C. Spelling mistakes left as they were, poor guy: "Greg Mitchell is an imbicile. He is a sheep. Just because 60% of the american public thinks Iraq was a mistake doesn't mean it's right. I despise people who can't fathom that the US is in a difficult position in fighting terror. Terrorism is everywhere! I guess we should have never gone to the middle east and just sat back and waited for another attack. People like Greg Mitchell should be hung for treason and for betraying their fellow americans. It's soft, gutless individuals like Greg that make us a target in the first place. It's also people like Greg who will complain all day long about the solutions being implemened but consistely fail to come to the table with alternatives. It's also people like Greg who's narrow minds fail to understand that the terrorists and extremist group in the middle east have no use for diplomacy. They don't want to talk or reason, they want to kill. Pacifists like Greg will help them be successful. Get a spine Greg!"


angepete said...

Why is it that writers of hate mail are always so inarticulate and quasi-illiterate? Not to mention unoriginal.

Anonymous said...

Will in Raleigh is right on. His spelling needs improvement, but I can't remember reading a more reasonable assessment of the spineless thinking that you, Greg, are a perfect example of. I live in San Francisco, and when I heard Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid going on and on able how most Americans are opposed to the war, I wrote to remind them both that most Americans feel that way because that opinion has been shoved down their throats by both anti-Americans and by Democrats who are simply using that issue as their one and only hope to regain the White House. It didn't work in 2004, so they're determined to drive our war effort into the ground again to make it work in 2008. I'm working class, and a lifelong union member, but I abandoned the Democratic Party when they started this crap in 2003. I'll bet that Will in Raleigh would agree with me that what Bush needs to do now is, in this order: 1)declare martial law, 2)dissolve the Democratic Party, 3)arrest the party's leaders, 4)reinstate the draft, and 5)continue in a much more forceful way to destroy our ememies. Stuart