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Monday, March 3, 2008

Hillary on 'The Daily Show'

Not a lot to comment on. Jon was not sharp and she looked weary, though with a constant smile. Kicked off promisingly with Jon saying that the campaign was really about "judgment" -- so what the hell was she doing on primary eve talking to him? She agreed it was "pathetic." But not much humor or any new insights followed....One really would have liked a little Colbertian touch there....

Final polls really do give her a good chance to win both Ohio and Texas. But horrible weather in the former, and a partial caucus system in the latter, complicates matters. As if they weren't complicated enough already. Enough already! One more twist: Rush Limbaugh is urging his beloved dittoheads to vote for Hillary in the open Texas primary, which will certainly be the first and only time any of them pull the lever for her. With no real GOP race a lot could do that. If Obama loses in a close one will he blame it on a bum's Rush?


BruceL said...

Whenever I watch TDS, I'm always wishing for something Colbertian! After doing his happy dance on Crossfire, Stewart has settled into mediocre Lettermanism... JS still pulls out drunk Teddy jokes! I don't think JS ever had the bite that Colbert has-- he's a careerist, and would never have dreamed of doing what Colbert did at the WH Press Club dinner.

Wal said...

Won't waste time on former Dem candidate. Just wanted to say congrats on your new book. Always glad to promote Chicago area writers.
Walt McElligott, Chicago Writers Association www.chicagowrites.org