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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hillary, wrong and Wright

Still reeling from her fibs about her super-hazardous 1996 diplomatic mission, Clinton battled back by telling Richard Scaife's Pittsburgh paper that she would have left church if her pastor had turned out to be a Rev. Wright. Then she repeated it at a press conference: “I was asked a personal question and I responded as to what I would have done… and I feel very comfortable with that. I don’t think that’s negative.” An Obama campaign aide shoots back: "It’s disappointing to see Hillary Clinton’s campaign sink to this low in a transparent effort to distract attention away from the story she made up about dodging sniper fire in Bosnia."


Anonymous said...

Hillary is corrupt, as is her cigar poking husband. If a woman had one lick of self esteem she would leave that husband, this shows bad character and judgement from Hillary. You can choose your cigar, but you can leave your cheating husband I say. Good thing Bill didn't use a corkscrew landing on Monica Lewinsky.

BruceL said...

Hillary didn't misspeak, she lied. Seems to me you know whether you landed in a hail of bullets or not. Obama is nothing but empty words, but Hillary has finally convinced me that she's worse. I'm getting more and more depressed about the election--McCain has bought off the MSM, and cheaply, too- for a few weiners. Clinton almost certainly can't win, and she keeps sliming Obama. Once again, I'd like to vote for Noneoftheabove. Between Pelosi/Reid/Obama/Clinton, we're screwed, only slightly less so than with McCain (Okay, probably a lot less screwed than with McCain, but we are already so far under water--does it make a difference whether you drown at depth of fifty feet or 500?)

BTW-- It's great that you are getting so much press/face-time, Gregg--wish I could catch some, but I'm trapped in the proposal from hell, and I have a midterm Monday, too (and I'm way too old to be dealing with midterms ;)
with any luck, some of the links will still be live when I finally come up for air.