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Monday, March 3, 2008

If you are keeping score at home, that's 27

They're still counting at the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel, and the number of thefts by serial/surreal plagiarizer -- and former White House aide Tim Goeglein -- has now climbed on successive days from three to 20 to 27. Here's the paper's latest account today: "Further investigation by The News-Sentinel has found evidence of plagiarism in seven more guest columns from former White House aide Timothy S. Goeglein.

"Contacted Sunday, the Fort Wayne native attributed the plagiarism to shortcomings in his character: 'Pride. Vanity. It's all my fault. It's inexcusable. What I did is wrong. I categorically apologize.'" It almost goes without saying that he was in charge of working with religious groups.

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Eli Perle said...

I know there's a lot of people Goeglein ripped off, but the one interesting one is still Jeffrey Hart, the guy from the Dartmouth Review who seemed to be a favorite source. My colleague M. Thomas Eisenstadt has a great blog called "In Defense of Plagiarism". In it, he digs into Hart and finds out that he himself copped part of his original story. Here's the blog: In Defense of Plagiarism: How Tim Goeglein Got Thrown Under the Bus