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Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm on Jim Lehrer show tonight...and more

Will be interviewed live on the PBS "NewsHour" tonight about Iraq and the media and my book, with a couple other journalists....My "Democracy Now" appearance this morning available (see below) in every possible form you could want: video, audio, transcript, mp3, DVD and more....and the NPR "On the Media" special is online at www.onthemedia.org.


Gregg Gordon said...

Greg was good as usual, but the reps from ABC and the LA Times were depressing. All of the excuses they gave for not doing more stories (too dangerous, no reliable information) are in themselves stories. The fact is it's too confusing, too hard work, and too expensive, and it's not their kids. They don't care. Things haven't improved an inch since 2003. They've probably gotten worse.

centralmnusa said...

This is no longer a "war" it is an "occupation". is this an error or an attempt to change public opinion?
Victory was declared.Mission accomplished.

BartsArt said...

I enjoyed your comments tonight and look forward to exploring your website/blog. You may have touched on this tonight or in your book and I've missed it (but) when writers and the media discuss the "dollar costs of war," there is never any discussion about who profits. It's pretty basic economics that the flip side of "cost" is "profit," isn't it? If we could, as a public, have a clearer idea of the economics of war and who benefits from it (both workers and owners) it would help us in our understanding of this military involvement in the affairs of other countries. In tonight's Lehrer report, I thought it was interesting to see a U.S. map showing the war casualties and the coincident areas of depression and unemployment. Someone said, "Follow the money." As sad as it is, it's all about business, isn't it?