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Sunday, March 23, 2008

McCain helped give us....Chalabi

From Bob Drogin's L.A. Times report today: "In 1998, he was among the cosponsors of the Iraq Liberation Act. The law set 'regime change' in Baghdad as U.S. policy and mandated support to opposition groups seeking to overthrow the dictator. Among the major beneficiaries was the Iraqi National Congress, a London-based exile group headed by Ahmed Chalabi.

"The CIA had initially sponsored the group but broke with the controversial leader in 1997, saying he could not be trusted. Under the new law, Chalabi's group received almost $33 million from the State Department, until U.S. officials found financial improprieties and ended the arrangement. ...Asked by The Times this month if he regretted backing the 1998 law, which produced few discernible results other than bolstering Chalabi, McCain said he did not. Chalabi, though initially touted by neoconservatives as a future leader of Iraq, failed to garner significant support in elections."

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