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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Reporters can still get away with this?

Yesterday, news sites and blogs widely put up a short video of John McCain getting huffy on his campaign plane with a reporter clearly identified as Elisabeth Bumiller of The New York Times. I posted the video myself (see below). So would she write about it today? And how? A prominent inside story by Bumiller did appear and it described the dispute, which concerns whether the candidate ever lied to the paper about not talking to Sen. John Kerry about possibly joining his ticket in 2004 as V.P. But, amazingly, in this day and age, Bumiller merely referred to herself in the story as "a" or "the" reporter pushing McCain and receiving his blowback. You'd never know it was her. Years ago, no problem, no one would know who "the reporter" was. But now: There she was on hundreds of Web sites around the world on video.

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