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Friday, March 7, 2008

Rush week

I never thought I'd cite Rush Limbaugh as providing one of the most accurate political assessments of any given week, but here's what he said four days ago on his radio program: "Look, half the country already hates Hillary. But nobody hates Obama yet. Hillary is going to be the one to have to bloody him up politically...It's about winning, folks."

UPDATE: David Kurtz at TPM reports, "At a Council on Foreign Relations event in D.C. today, as a Hillary adviser touted Clinton's foreign policy experience, McCain adviser Randy Scheunemann reportedly chimed in with: 'Please keep running those 3:00 a.m. ads about who you want to answer the phone, because we like those.'"

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pulitore said...

Rush week
Powering down
The true 'swing' voters
In case you thought she would stop with this

These are the headlines of four of your five lead items.

If it's revealed tomorrow that Senator Clinton found a cure for breast cancer, you would quote Sullivan, or Limbaugh, or Beck, or whichever antagonist you could unearth to prove that the cure she found was (1) worthless; (2) stolen; (3) part of her clandestine collaboration with Republican doctors.

You have become the male Arianna Huffington, an obssessive Clinton-hater who uses his platform to spray toxic waste.