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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spitzer's 'Kristen' is "all about my music"

Or so she says on her My Space page. You can even hear her "sing," just like she did for the prosecutors. Stage name: Ashley Alexandra Dupré. A lyric from her hip-hoppy song: “I know what you want, you got what I want. I know what you need. Can you handle me?” It's not exactly the "Spitzer Sonata." See link below.

Some funny Daily Show takes on case tonight, from showing how Fox gave Spitzer's ride to the press conference the "full O.J." with the copters overhead to imagining the orgy he may hold this weekend in Albany -- since he doesn't step down until Monday....Best bit was showing Spitzer resigning today while admitting that much is "expected" from those who are "given" a lot. You can imagine where Jon took that.

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BL said...

You can imagine where Jon took that.

His (JS) Jerry Lewis imitation?