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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tom Ricks: Anyone want to talk war?

At an online chat at washingtonpost.com today, the respected military reporter and author of Fiasco, Tom Ricks, has this exchange (as captured by Romenesko):

Newport Beach, Calif.: How is it that eight U.S. soldiers killed in one day in Iraq doesn't warrant front-page treatment in The Washington Post? Is the paper that out of touch with how much we, as Americans, care about our troops?

Thomas E. Ricks:
I can't speak for all Americans. But I can count, and there are fewer questions here today than ever before. So, judging by that and other recent indications, I think Americans really aren't paying that much attention to the Iraq war right now.

Ricks was asked later in the chat: "Are you covering the news, or what is popular?" He responds: "I'm covering the news. I am working on Iraq full-time this year, because I think it is important. But that doesn't mean Americans want to read it."

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