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Friday, March 7, 2008

We have our annual Pulitzer leaks...

It's been a ritual at E&P for about half a dozen years. Every year, jurors who pick the finalists for the Pulitzer Prizes for journalism are sworn to secrecy after their three choices are chosen -- for this is a rare competition which does not name the nominees until the winner is announced in April. Every year the judges are told to clam up and every year (since they are all journos) they leak like crazy. So E&P's Joe Strupp has been receiving or tracking down the leaks every year and we have been first to put up a nearly-complete list time after time -- with almost never an error of any sort.

This year, it looks a little different. The jurors finished their work at Columbia U on Wednesday and usually by now we have our near-complete list. But the gag ruling has worked better than usual, and Strupp has had to toil to even come up with two or three categories. We have that story up on our site now, with surely more to come -- but in a trickle not this time a flood.

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Mark said...

by the way, who are the jurors for Pulitzer price? I mean, are they always the same guys? Well, that's all I wanted to ask. Thanks for the space.
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