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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

GOP strategists says McCain gains 15% on Obama due to racial vote

Something I've been suggesting for awhile. We'll see what Pennsylvania vote and analysis reveals later...

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Mad Plato said...

Hello GREG MITCHELL. I received your book SO WRONG FOR SO LONG in my mailbox today from CAIMAN. Also, I just read your article at Huffington Post about race. I had not thought much about race as a factor in the election, but I believe that you are right.

Finally, I am a good political satirist and fair poet. I published my own book WHY ARE WE IN IRAQ? - Letters From Mad Plato (mainly so that I could enter the now "in limbo" Blooker competition. I plan to publish Vol. 2: WHY ARE WE STILL IN IRAQ? - Letters From Mad Plato

Hope you can read my blogs. I think I am writing some things worth saying.