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Friday, November 20, 2009

My Book "Why Obama Won" Wins Wide Attention

My book, Why Obama Won, was the first to explore the historic 2008 campaign -- and its aftermath -- from a "progressive" perspective. The book, my ninth, focuses on new media vs. old media, grassroots vs. mainstream, and all of the controversies, from Jeremiah the Preacher to Joe the Plumber. It's also a window on the future. There's no book like it out there.

You can purchase Why Obama Won (Sinclair Books) online. Order it for $16 via Amazon by clicking the book cover to the left, or go right to Amazon, or through other online outlets. See below for a list.

To watch my appearance on Rachel Maddow's MSNBC show, go here. Susan Gardner, a top editor at DailyKos, has a very favorable review here. A weeklong discussion about the book and the issues it raises for the future began at Talking Points Memo.

One reason the book is different: I wrote about the campaign almost daily from a rare position, as a blogger at three of the most popular political sites (Huff Post, TPM and DailyKos), and as the editor of "mainstream" Editor & Publisher magazine. My Twitter feed here.

"A great early snapshot....It really raises the question of how the 2008 campaign might have played out in an earlier era, before private citizens and small publications had the ability to get video and soundbites out to millions of people." -- Will Bunch, Philadelphia Daily News, author of Tear Down This Myth.

In chronicling the entire race, Why Obama Won shows how politics and campaigns in America will never be the same. To get a flavor of the book, check out my current article on how the old media screwed up at Mother Jones. An excerpt from the book on the "new media" revolution is up at Alternet. Here's my piece on Stephen Colbert's brief candidacy -- plus some of the most wacky quotes from the campaign. Return to the days when we still had Bill Kristol and Sarah Palin to kick around.

My previous books on classic American campaigns, both for Random House, are Tricky Dick and the Pink Lady and The Campaign of the Century, winner of the Goldsmith Book Prize. Among other books, I co-authored two with Robert Jay Lifton, Hiroshima in America and, on capital punishment, Who Owns Death?

"Future investigators are going to have to pay attention to both the content and the argument presented in Why Obama Won." -- Paul Street, author, Barack Obama and the Future of American Politics.

Contact me for interviews or some such at: epic1934@aol.com. From the Amazon description of the book:

In the first book of its kind, Greg Mitchell, award-winning author and editor of Editor & Publisher, probes the historic 2008 race for president, from the first primary to the aftermath of the election -- from the "netroots" to the national media....Mitchell is the author of nine books for major publishers, most recently, "So Wrong for So Long," on Iraq and the media, acclaimed by Bill Moyers, Glenn Greenwald, Arianna Huffington and Bruce Springsteen, among many others.

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Savannah said...

I would love to read your book, but am only purchasing books that are available in Kindle format. Please consider making your book available in this format.

Anonymous said...

Obama won because he was allowed to.

The powers that be saddled the McCain campaign with the ridiculous, odious Sarah Palin. There are much worse Republicans than McCain, and if a moderate had been put on McCain's ticket it's possible he might have "won."

After the 2000 "election," do people STILL believe that the presidential elections are real? Or after six states were flipped with voting machines in 2004 to deny Kerry and Edwards their victory?

Control of the US empire is too valuable for the people who own the country to "let the people decide."

I'm not disappointed in Obama continuing many of Bush's policies - I am disappointed that so many liberals thought that the marketing campaign for "change" was real.

The Democratic Party died in Dallas on November 22, 1963. President Kennedy had vowed to scatter the CIA into a thousand pieces, but the CIA scattered Kennedy into a thousand pieces. JFK had tried to stop the Cold War, started the process to withdraw from Vietnam, called for making the "Moon Race" a cooperative effort with the Soviet Union and other nations, turned off nuclear testing, and wanted to shift course away from empire. That's why he was removed from office, and the real "third rail" of American politics is not funding levels for Social Security, but to acknowledge that we had a military industrial complex coup d'etat in 1963. Much of the cynicism in our society is a reflection of this tacit understanding - that we are not really in a democracy.

In former CIA officer Philip Agee's memoire CIA Diary he states that the US embassy in Mexico City was privately briefed by the Mexican government who the next President was going to be - even though the "election" was still three years away.

It seems that the US election is like watching televised wrestling - it's a bruising contest, but it's all fake, theatrical entertainment that is rigged in advance.

Heads they win, tails we lose.