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Friday, October 30, 2009

UPDATE Snakes on the Plame: As New Cheney Docs Released, Previews of Hollywood Version

Big news tonight is release of those Cheney interview notes--well, the parts not redacted--and what they show about his involvement in Plamegate. Earlier this week, by coincidence, I wrote a major take on upcoming Doug Liman film based on Valerie Plame's book, starring Naomi Watts as Val and Sean Penn as Joe W. Not coming out for a few months and very little has emerged about it so far, but I report on a review by someone who attended a test screening--and more importantly, word from Liman himself at his blog. It seems he knows Cheney was behind it all but unlike Ollie Stone, he doesn't want to show that clearly without the full facts. Here is Huff Post version, it's also at E&P. Fun read.

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