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Friday, November 20, 2009

That Lone Republican

Coming this Sunday in the NYT Magazine, a Q & A with that lone House Republican who voted for the Democrats' health reform plan two weeks ago. Of course, this is Rep. Joseph Cao of Lousiana.   He tells Deborah Solomon that he has been scolded “by Republicans all over the United States…But not at all from the party’s leadership.”  In fact, he says he’d just had lunch with party leder Rep. Eric Cantor down in NOLA and “he was very supportive of who I am and what I have to do to represent the district.”

But Cao claims he voted not to curry favor with his mostly black constituents but on principle, following “the politics of the Gospel.  You have to take care of the poor…help those who can’t help themselves.” He became a Republican only because of their “strong pro-life stance.” 

Cao admits that there is only one other Asian-American among the 177 House Republicans, but doesn't think that's why Cantor and others support him.  He also admits he is only 5-foot-2,  which makes him “look 18, even though I’m 42.”   He also claims that Louisiana might have been a den of corruption in the past but now “we are squeaky clean.”

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