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Friday, November 13, 2009

Fun Game for a Friday Night

Huff Post says it has obtained a certain page for Sarah Palin's book -- the acknowledgments page. There she thanks certain media folks, by first name only, who are not "idiots." Here is the list. I have quickly filled in a few likely names, many from Fox, you can try the rest, please. First one to complete gets the prize--one of my own books!

Keep calling it like you see it: Amanda (CARPENTER), Andrew (BREITBART), Ann (COULTER), Bill (O'REILLY), Bob, Cal (THOMAS), Dennis (MILLER), Dick (MORRIS), Eddie, Fred (BARNES), Glenn (BECK), Greta (NO EXPLANATION NEEDED), Hugh (HEWITT), Joey, John, Jonah (GOLDBERG), Larry, Laura (INGRAHAM), Lou, Mark (HALPERIN? ha), Mary (MATALIN), Michael (REAGAN), Michelle (MALKIN), R.A.M., Rich (LOWRY), Rush (LIMBAUGH), S.E., Sean (HANNITY), Tammy, Walter.

1 comment:

Ken Houghton said...

Too many people on that list. But just for fun:

There are at least two Bills, so:

Bill Kristol,
Bob TK,
Eddie TK,
Joey TK,
John Fund,
Larry Kudlow,
Lou Dobbs,
Mark Halperin (unfortunately likely),
R.A.M. Ruth A. Marcus,
S.E. TK,
Tammy Faye (Baker),
Walter Pincus

I'll leave the rest (indicated by TK above), and any corrections (just in case Ruth Marcus's middle name is not "A-something"), to further commenters.