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Monday, November 16, 2009

Piping Up: Joe the Plumber on Palin Tonight

He endorses Palin for 2012, saying, "I don't want an expert running the country."

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Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

I have two reactions to this clip.

The first- is this guy out of his mind? We're coming out of the worst economic crisis in 70 years and he doesn't want an "expert" running the government?

The problem is that we have too many people who style themselves as experts, and are clueless. Even worse is that these clueless ones have people who believe them- like Sarah Palin and "Joe The Plumber".

My second reaction- Joe's 15 minutes should have been up about 12 months ago. Why do people give a damn about what he's selling?

Which goes back to point one; the clueless leading the even more clueless.

"Life is a freak show, and when you're born in America you get a ticket to the front row"....George Carlin.