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Friday, November 6, 2009

The Poetry of...Helen Thomas

Asked for a response to a forum on changes in modern journalism, Helen Thomas sent this reply -- sort of like old teletype but could be read as news poetry. Here is some of it:

The changes are immense, no noise of clicking
teletypes and typewriters, obsolete technology,
little real editing unfortunately, instantaneous
communication and more superficiality,

competition based on personality
instead of content in depth, insecurity
about where newspapers are headed,
money a big factor in all things

talk show hosts peddling disinformation,
lack of transparency
by even Obama administration,

blocking torture photos,
calling reporters the night before
presidential news conferences to tell them
they will be called on,

Hope all is not lost
in our great business.


Monique Buzatto said...

It's really impressive (and depressive) the way people think of everything as business and stick to this vision.

Of course there's the "market" thing in the press, but I like the "poetry" that Helen talks ABOUT.

So do I think our society needs a little more "person" and a little less technology.

Very good post!

Nei said...

Journalism is art and the art was murdered. Great poem.